psa: the chick travels!

gonna be at week-long training starting today. it’s an out of town thing so i really should be packing ;;;;

idk if there’s any wifi at the academy, but if there’s none, i’ll see y’all in a week - after ozine and paternal-grandma birthdays uvu


What the fuck Midorima what the actual fuck????? Did you seriously spend 50 000 yen on Takao’s lucky item??? DID YOU SPEND ABOUT 350€ ON TAKAO??? 480$???? 290£??????? What the hell man WHAT THE HELL????? WHAT NEXT??? A FUCKING WEDDING RING WITH 12 CARAT DIAMOND?????


Misaki is red

Fushimi is blue

Totsuka is still dead

And now Mikoto is too

The prince fought valiantly.
He slayed the dragon.
The princess cried for days.
She loved that dragon.
— The stories fairytales don’t tell (via shy-fawn)

「白澤さんと鬼灯様」/「ぐみん」の作品 [pixiv] #pixitail
oh man a robot that's passed along through a family's bloodline for a long time, getting upgrades as needed to stay modern and rather than the youngest generation getting the long boring 'when i was your age' stories from parents and grandparents, EVERYONE gets to hear the 'when your family first activated me' stories tl;dr cranky old robot that has had it with kids these days